ISO Management System Implementation and Audit

ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO29001, ISO17025, HACCP, ISO/ OHSAS18001, ISO22001, ISO16949, ISO13485, EN14804, SA8000, EMAS, EMAS Easy, HACCP, ISO22000, ISO13485 

Implementation: Our Partner have implemented management systems in over 90 organizations, ranging from 600 employee factories, to banks and insurance companies – in a wide range of manufacturing and service industries, all to successful certification.

Systems management after certification: Once a system is implemented and the necessary certification attained, it is advantageous to entrust our Partner with the maintenance and upkeep of the system. This is especially suitable if you are a small organisation, or if you want an independent party to ensure that the system is being applied dutifully and providing the right results, all over the organisation.