Our Services

  • Business Assessments — evaluation of the current business in its current environment and making recommendations.
  • Succession Planning — addressing planning and other issues related to the ownership and management of your assets in relation to generational transitions
  • Conflict Resolution — providing independent incite and acting as an intermediary in resolving internal conflicts.
  • Strategic Planning — Establishing long term goals and setting targets and objectives in order to achieve the organisation’s vision.
  • Leadership Development — defining the leadership characteristics required to reach strategic goals. We will assess leadership alternatives and can assist with in house grooming as well as external recruitment.
  • Estate Planning — aligning the needs of the family and the business
  • Business Valuation —that provides a current assessment as well as consider value drivers which not only indicate today’s value but also how to maximize value in the long term.
  • Family Governance — Establishing and implementing good governance policies. This will provide the structures and procedures necessary for decision making and creates a system of accountability and responsibility. Good governance reduces uncertainty and the occurrence of conflict and therefore contributes towards a more effective organization.