Bels Schools

BELS has subcontracted its financial needs to NOUV MT for 2 years now. We are most satisfied with the services they provide us with; from basic book keeping to financial planning. The service is efficient and forward thinking and most of all receptive to the idiosyncratic needs of the industry within which we operate our schools. I am happy to recommend them to anyone looking for down to earth, precise & ‘user-friendly’ financial services.

Rebecca Bonnici



LCG Group

NOUV MT has helped us throughout these years to ensure a smooth transition of our group holding company and its operational subsidiaries from other jurisdictions to Malta. Having a reliable and versatile partner in Malta like NOUV MT has greatly facilitated our establishment in Malta and therefore encouraged us to invite other businesses and companies to move their administrative and steering operations to the island.

Stefan Magnusson
Living Capital Group

ISL Group

NOUV MT engagement introduced a fresh approach of running our business. Their genuine interest in us as clients was beyond our first expectations and continues to be so. They have an extremely professional approach, and a rainbow of ideas to help us with the growth of our company. We thank NOUV MT for a brighter outlook re our finances.

Simon Calleja Urry


Avis Malta

I have been working with NOUV MT for years and can honestly say it is the best payroll service out there. Thanks to NOUV MT Payroll Service Bureau we never have to worry about getting our payroll out accurately and on schedule. They are fast and efficient. Thank you NOUV MT!

Andrea Aquilina

Finance Director