‘We plan to keep growing, and the future is looking bright’: NOUV invests in bigger offices and doubles headcount

Corporate strategy consultancy firm NOUV has had a “very active and positive” last eight months, doubling the size of its workforce and moving to new and larger offices despite the pandemic, it says.

Additionally, the company recently also organised an event during which it regrouped its employees to update them on how the recent additions enriched the firm’s service offerings and also served to align team member’s with its strategy.

At the event, Mark Aquilina, NOUV’s Managing Partner and Founder reflected on the period dominated by the pandemic, in which NOUV often found itself helping clients face the same challenges it was facing itself.

During the period, he explained that the company chose a “proactive approach” which saw it grow and strengthen itself.

“I find myself leading a company with a renewed sense of purpose and newfound enthusiasm”, the Managing Partner said.

“We employed new people and doubled our workforce. As a result, we moved to new and more spacious offices. We acquired a management consulting firm specialising in Information Security, Sustainability, Human Capital, business performance optimisation, and business intelligence.

“We also set up a Corporate Finance & Strategy team and strengthened our compliance and assurance arms”, Mr Aquilina reflected.

He also outlined how NOUV’s mission revolves around three main pillars, namely management consulting, business support, and assurance services.

With this year’s acquisition of Tuning Fork, he observed the company not only increased its workforce but managed to boost its collective talent.

“Today NOUV boasts a beautiful diversity of skills sets that enable us to assist any organisation at any stage of its journey.”

Mr Aquilina urged the company’s employees to remain faithful to its values and to continue showing their qualities of trust, perseverance, passion, and commitment as they assist clients.

“We plan to keep growing, and the future is looking bright. NOUV is already looking into new areas of operation as more services will be plugged into the company in the near future,” he concluded.